Jump into a July of Joy!

I love this time of year! My July of Joy annual Summer Sale is on! Go to my site www.kittydolittle.com and get up to 75% off selected jewellery, scarves and belts and up to 50% off selected handbags and clutches. Splash out and save!

July of Joy Summer Sale image

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Grab a bit of pure purple tech luxury

Here’s a perfect purple iPad ‘grab’ bag. Made impeccably of luxe eel skin by Makki. I really like the gold finishings on this as it really sets off the purple. And the way the zipper is designed in an asymmetric style gives it a special touch. Speaking of touch, eel skin is incredibly soft and supple too!
iPad grab bag by Makki

Eel skin iPad 'grab' bag by Makki

This iPad sleeve is perfectly designed to take you from day to evening with ease. It features Grab strap on the front, gold-tone zip-around opening and zipper detailing. Fits an iPad & similar size tablets and also…

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“Good gravy!” that Great Gatsby look continues!

1920s Style is Making a Roaring Comeback

What’s all the flap about?  Cloche hats, clutches, scrumptious fabrics and sparkle – the  style of the 1920s is having a moment.

Flapper dresses, pretty lace and beaded embellishment, bold nautical stripes, drapey silk ensembles and gorgeous scarves had their place on the  the runways.

Definitely a 1920s daytime feel at Ralph Lauren – pretty, youthful colours were popular after WWI. Click to see more on FashionLatest…

Images from Fashion Latest site. Click to see more!

And the elegance of Speakeasies was alive in evening looks at Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Etro and Marc Jacobs – sparkles and beaded embellishment were big trends in the 1920s.


Images from The D'Vine website. Click to go there now.

The high street is delivering the look already from TopShop to Miss Selfridge to Reiss you’ll find drop-waisted dresses to sequin tunics with a art deco decoration.

Great Gatsby! Get the to Miss Selfridges. Click on the dress to go there now.

It’s no small wonder really.  Shows like Boardwalk Empire, films like The Artist and Baz  Lurhmann’s highly anticipated new adaption of The Great Gatsby aren’t just great entertainment – they are showcasing some absolutely fabulous fashion as well.

The actress of Boardwalk Empire model some gorgeous 1920s influenced dresses for a Vaniety Fair shoot.  Beautiful for Spring and Summer – light, airy, fresh and flirty!

The Boardwalk Empire Effect. Click on the image to check out You Were Never Lovelier blog now.

Even London’s West End is getting in on the trend with a new production of Singing in Rain, about the birth of the ‘talkies’ in the 1920s.

Singin' in the Rain

Why are we having such a romance with the 1920s?

Perhaps it’s the parallels we feel to another decade – the 1930s – that’s making us nostalgic for a time associated with kicking up your heels.  During those years of depression in the 1930s, people must have yearned for the comparative frivolity and decadent fun of the 20s.

Maybe that’s what’s striking a chord with us now – the style of the 1920s brings some carefree cheer to our hearts!

So find a perfect flirtatious dress and pair it with Kitty DoLittle accessories to complete your spirited, fun and playful 1920s ensemble.  Unflappably stylish!

Kitty DoLittle has the perfect pieces for a 1920s look from the Head Down!

Headpieces were the height of elegance in the Jazz Age. For a really 20s look, wear this gorgeous Katherine Elizabeth across your forehead. Instant coquettish, flapper appeal!

Handmade diamante 1920's headband by Katherine Elizabeth

Jewellery was influenced by soaring, sophisticated new Art Deco movement.

Handmade handwoven with vintage trinkets by Rosie Wiesencrantz

Semi-precious stones were also popular.

Faceted Labrodorite set in silver on silver chain by Peace of Mind

Now that you’ve got your fantastic flapper look sorted, you’ll need to show it off it at a fabulous 1920s inspired event. You’ll be smiling and styling.

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Blogger Mrs Roomtobreathe samples the delights of Kitty DoLittle

Here’s a tantalising excerpt from Mrs Roomtobreathe’s blog:

Discovering delights at the online store Kitty DoLittle

Anyone that knows me knows I am a sucker for accessories. My preference is for bold, statement jewellery, I’m not really a delicate kind of gal. As I’ve got older I’ve also found myself interested in the more ecologically aware brands as found on Kitty DoLittle. Andrea who runs the company has fantastic taste which ticks a lot of my boxes, her passion for every single discovery is displayed on each page of the website.
Kitty DoLittle recently underwent a facelift, whilst retaining its girlie appeal it is now more streamlined and easier to navigate, with clean, beautiful photography that gives a real idea of what a product looks like in the flesh. Do you find that you’re often disappointed when something arrives that doesn’t quite live up to your expectations? Not so with Kitty, the photos by Duncan Smith Photography give such a realistic impression of just how items will look in your hand.
Whilst on one of my regular browses, a few of the products jumped out at me, teasing me convincingly to add them to my ever growing collection. Here are a couple that have given me sleepless nights!
I love this cute gem, a bright vintage inspired yellow clutch by Marmoset Designs that will brighten up any outfit whether formal or relaxed.
Big yellow clutch by Marmoset Designs

Big yellow clutch by Marmoset Designs

I’ve always loved Mary Poppins style carpet bags which this novelty clutch really reminds me of, don’t you agree?

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What is the point of Valentine’s Day?

It’s a Celebration of Love, of course!

(Really, it wasn’t a trick question.)

From polka dots to patent leather, pretty bows and sparkling stones, Kitty DoLittle has a selection of Valentine treats more fetching than roses and sweeter than chocolates!

Even Cupid would admit we’re right on target with smart and sassy accessories to set your heart a-flutter! We think you’ll be smitten with this potpourri of scarves, handbags and jewellery. (Even if you can take or leave the day itself!)

There’s no denying red and pink rule the day on February 14th so you’ll look festive and stylish sporting one of these winning Somerville Scarves.

Pink silk polka dot scarf

Pretty in Polka Dots Silk Scarf by Somerville scarvees

Cream and Brown Greyhounds Silk scarf by Somerville Scarves

Painting the town red with your Valentine? Carry one of these scrumptious versatile companions to set the mood…

Woven eel skin wallet

Ravishing red eel skin woven wrislet by Makki

London made leather micro clutch

Palm-size clutch with pinky aplomb by Rachael Hannah Handbags

Who holds the keys to your heart? You do! So, grab one of these BoBelle eel skin Sweetheart keyrings and tantalise.

red eel skin key ring by BoBelle

Swinging single heart eel skin keyring by BoBelle

Or… tell your honey about one of these Silver Cherry silver lovelies — sure to sweep you off your feet!

garnet, ruby pearl and silver bracelet

Gorgeous garnet and ruby pearl silver bracelet by Silver Cherry

Pink Amethyst, Garnet and Ruby silver necklace

Sparkling Pink Amethyst, Garnet and Ruby silver pendant by Silver Cherry

Whether greyhounds or garnets, pink polka dots or perfect purses, a great gift from a loved one or a treat for yourself — we hope Valentine’s Day surrounds you with love and loveliness.

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Video Series: Which wallet suits your style and personality?

Kitty DoLittle presents the next in the series of short, sharp video that really show off our collection of products.

So take a look, and see which wallet might suit you?

All of these luxurious wallets are made of various kinds of leather.

The strong striped wallet by Black Tangerine is so sharp and gives you a bit of throwback to the 70′s. It’s got loads of space and in fact works well as a clutch with it’s hidden, slide-out wrist strap.

The classic eel skin wallets by BoBelle are so feminine and so incredibly designed. The midnight blue and deep purple add an air of sophistication. Seriously buttoned-down!

Another set of really popular wallets are the eel skin zip-around wallets by BoBelle. Really roomy and can definitely double as a clutch being big enough for your iPod/Android phone!

Aura Que’s buffalo leather is a good traveller’s wallet. Hardwearing, roomy and secure. It’s brass snap detailing is structural as well as functional.

The red eel skin wallet  is a sexy stunner with a detachable wrist strap, and the woven front is extremely rich and gorgeous.

You’ll find this video and others on the product pages of the Kitty DoLittle site, on our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page. Ther new videos produced by Duncan Smith, Donut Productions, give you a real sense of the flexibility, scale and scrumptiousness across a range of products.

So go on, treat yourself!

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Video Series: How much can you fit in this handbag?

We have produced a series of seven, fun, fast-paced videos to show off how much stuff our handbags can hold! And, it’s a lot. You’ll find them on product pages on the Kitty DoLittle site, on our YouTube channel and on our Facebook page. Ther new videos produced by Duncan Smith, Donut Productions, give you a real sense of the flexibility, scale and scrumptiousness across a range of products.

You’ll see just how all the essentials (and how many extras!) will fit in to each handbag.
Each cleanly shot film takes you through all the details of the items; revealing the texture and luxuriousness of the materials. Pop-up labels point out other products available in the Kitty DoLittle shop (if you have your annotations turned on). We think these videos really give an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment and will be a popular feature of Kitty DoLittle!

So, take a look and count how much stuff we got in this Purple Eel Skin Handbag by BoBelle…with ease!

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On the prowl … Cambridge

On recent prowl to Cambridge there were a couple of nifty items I really have to show. 60′s all the way with this retro coat. Lovin’ the cut, colour and detailing:

A hit of the 60's sunshine to shun the winter woes

To finish it off, and to perhaps, exaggerate your funkiness… Hang on to this patent leather lovely.

A highly unusual handmade patent leather framed handbag by Rachael Hannah Handbags

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On the prowl … well, Everywhere!

I have seen this same outfit in so many of this stores windows – I am compelled to share it. Just in case you missed it! Ultra sexy and ultra feminine, just a couple of choice items will complete this eye-dazzling drapes and slinky skirt.

Keeping it simple and feminine, I think a gorgeous cuff like this one would be a sensational conversation piece.

Gold Butterfly cuff

Gold etched plexiglass Butterfly cuff by Dynasty

Or … show a super strong and sexy edge with with this anodised aluminium cuff by Michael Peckitt, who artistic interpretations are sure to start a conversation.

Ethereal and sleek Aluminium cuff by Michael Peckitt

While you’re at it match it with a shiny black bow clutch (it has a brilliant neon satin lining too! Ooooh-la-la!)

Black patent leather clutch by Rachael Hannah Handbags

And, just to clinch the outfit you need to ensure to work it all atop the highest black points you can stand for your pegs!

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People I rubbed into … Room to Breathe

Room to Breathe are a dynamic duo who have combined complimentary skills to bring a package that packs a powerful punch. One is the PR guru, the other the administrative Wiz. Granted, I have to share them with others, but they are virtual assistants afterall.

It’s an arrangement that works really well for Kitty DoLittle. As a fledgling business trying to find our feet in this topsy-turvy world; they’re amenable to both Pay-as-you-go or long term retainers. I love them.

They’ve really been a great support, taking care of things in the background and being available to assist on more strategic activities too. They’re flexibility and humour tick two more important boxes for me.

So if you find yourself in need of some real help to enable you to rise above the things that hold you down, give them a call!

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